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EMS (Enterprise Management Solutions) has existed for ten years and offers business solutions in the areas of Management, Accounting Information System, Accountancy and Audit, Market and Socioeconomic Research and Training in Management, Leadership and Personal Development and OHADA Accounting System.

emsSwapping application

The application emsSwapping  works for you and gently makes the swapping of your financial statements in OHADA Accounting System and allows you to comply with the Government requirement to present your 2013 accounts in both Congolese Accounting System and OHADA Accounting System.

Training in OHADA accounting System

OHADA is already a reality in DRC! Our experienced accountants are training your staff in OHADA Accounting System. Enter the brain of emsSwapping to see how it assists you in handling accounts.


Entreprise Ressource Planning (ERP)

Ems (Enterprise Management System), our ERP (Entreprise Ressource Planning) is an incomparable integrated management software tool that will help you position yourself the best in your industry (available first half 2013).


For your specific needs, ems MODULES fit your budget and allow you to perform precisely well-defined tasks. emsHR  among other things, manages your HR and makes your payroll.


Les Services-Solutions EMS

We help you make your management more effective in helping you to establish management procedures and modern and appropriate control. Our studies of markets and socio-economic surveys are essential tools that will help you to adopt informed marketing strategies ..

EMS training

In an environment where finding both effective and consciencious staff becomes almost a challenge, our training in ethical values and Personnal Developpement are essential to the safety and performance of your organization.


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