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Presentation of ems (Enterprise Management System)



The current economic environment requires companies perform better with fewer resources and in less time. A situation which requires:

  • improve cash flow and financial management;
  • increase your sales opportunities;
  • observe the least workings of your business;
  • improve the productivity of your employees;
  • optimize the supply chain.

With our Enterprise Ressource Planning emsERP (Enterprise Management System ERP) and its dashboard, you get reliable information, take informed decisions and gain a competitive advantage.

emsERP addresses the following sectors (the list is not exhaustive):


  1. Trade
  2. Banks
  3. Insurance
  4. chemical Industry
  5. Logistics and transportation services
  6. Retail
  7. Mining
  8. Processing industry
  9. Data processing
  10. Media



  1. Service Providers
  2. FMCG
  3. Water and Energy
  4. Education
  5. Industrial Equipment
  6. Buildings and Public Works
  7. Health
  8. Telecommunications
  9. Public sector
  10. Hydrocarbons



Permanent or occasional users are involved in an organized frame and without partitioning. They share in a structured way the same database, whether company documents or management transaction, in real time. Everyone has all the information for its role and functions in the company, regardless of the nature.

The strength of your business = its Human Capital
The strength of your business depends on its human capital. Equipping it with effective tools enhances its potential.
With emsERP at the center of your operational activities, our management system will help to achieve your goals with increased performance and reduced operational costs.

A familiar space, friendly, practical
With emsERP you opt for simplicity and for greater efficiency:
A familiar environment, friendly ergonomics, a homogeneous work space artfully combining management functions and office tools. So, you stay focused on your business and your goals. Responsibility of tools to suit your needs and offer the most relevant information with respect to the context, at the right time in the right format!

  • emsERP incorporates all your business documents (structured or not) usually dispersed in the company.
  • emsERP organizes the sharing of corporate data according to the roles and functions.
  • Procedures are fluidized and promote synergy between your employees or with your external partners.
  • emsERP fits your needs, offers the most relevant information with respect to the context, fits into your Microsoft Office environment (eg data import and export from (to) MS Excel files .XML.


Administrative Management, Purchasing, Sales

  • Administrative management, purchasing, sales :
  • Inventory valuation
  • Approval circuits
  • Monitoring of projects.
  • Revaluation of fixed assets
  • Maturity Management (tax, accounting ...)

Finance Management

  • Cost Valuation
  • Leasing management

Supply Chain

  • Traceability

Exemple of operational scenarios

  • Validation of customer orders with stored attachments, automatically notified by e-mail and approvals cascade.
  • Preparation client’s locations tours : publishing or synchronization of client files, items catalogs or stock statements, analysis reports to board, setting of appointments, calendar synchronization.
  • Complaints and disputes: demand of debit or credit notes, with tracking of supporting documents (claim, bill of transportation), management of quality crisis.

A mobile solution

  • A mobile solution for data access (eg validation of orders, approval of requisitions,) from any point on the globe.
  • In future versions:
  • ems will be accompanied by a corporate portal for data access via a web browser;
  • A mobile solution on the Smartphone will be available and will synchronize with the application;
  • The application allows you to receive automatic notifications including email (e.g notification of pending approvals).

Intergrated budget function

  • emsERP integrates the budget function and allows the analysis of gap, effectiveness, efficiency, ...
  • emsERP relies on technological standards, which enhances the flexibility and openness of the application and the sustainability of the technical choices: processes of transmission and integration of data (e.g XML)
  • the opening of the infrastructure to the development of .NET technologies and the use of Web Services.


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