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Our Services


EMS Modules

According to their specific needs or budget, some companies choose to obtain some specialized ems packages that we offer :

    • emsAccounting : the emsAccounting module integrates the Budget and the Accounting functions and allows the production of accounting reports (journals, general ledgers, customers and suppliers) and financial statements, creation and monitoring of budget lines, dashboards with all performance indicators.

    • emsHR : the Human Ressources module integrates the functions of Human Resources and Payroll Management: pointing, management of staff files (recruitment, change in marital status, births, deaths, annual leave, sick leave, assignments and transfers, sanctions, final accounts ... .) training, promotions, disciplinary records, payroll, reports of social contributions, INPP, unions, ONEM and other social agencies and reports of withholding tax, posting ...

    • emsStocks : The Inventory Management module manages inflow and outflow stocks, renewal and safety points, physical inventories, goods expiration time, performs valuation, posting ...

    • emsPurchases : This Purchasing module manages suppliers, requisitions, purchase orders, receipt of goods, the receipt and payment of invoices, returns management and performs accounting...

    • emsSales : This module of sales manages customer orders, deliveries, billing and payments, management of return of goods, accounts receivable, and performs the posting ... … 

    • emsFinance : This module of finance manages loans and their repayments, leasing and their posting and monitoring of cash flow ...

    • emsProduction : The module of Analytical Accounting manages mass production, to-order production, cost assessment by Department by Product and by Service.. 

    • emsAssets : This module of Fixed Assets Management manages the fixed assets purchase procedures, their depreciation and their reassessments, their exit from the patrimony, coding,

    • emsTreasury : This Treasury module manages the cash flow of your cash at bank and cash-in-hand and produces reports to help you better deal with your obligations and plan your investments.…

    • emsSwapping : Make your swapping in OHADA Accounting System through our emsSwapping module, adapted to enable you to meet the requirement of the Government to present your 2013 financial statements in both Congolese General Accounting System and OHADA Accounting System. Our application supports your accounts and your financial statements and produces them in the new accounting system.

      • This software is a Windows application, very simple but extremely powerful. Exactly what you need, given the stakes and the time constraint:
      • Easy to learn
      • Easy to use
      • Designed to absorb data from your accounting system in minutes regardless of the volume
      • Automatically converts in OHADA your current business chart of accounts, and outputs in OHADA the subsidiary ledgers (customers, suppliers, etc) and financial statements
      • A user-friendly
      • Offers superior ergonomics
      • Above all, economical and does not require additional resources.

      emsSwapping is exactly the tool you need given the challenges of year-end: our software prevents that swapping be an additional concern for accountants!

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